QC45 DC Fast Charging

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The QC45 quick charging station provides a rapid battery charge and supports two EVs simultaneous AC and DC charging with multiple power output options

Network integration

The QC45 is a flexible and open charging station able to charge in a standalone mode or integrated in any network with any central system.

Output power

The QC45 has DC output with power up to 50 kW and optional AC output with power up to 43 kVA. The battery charging status is displayed in a TFT color screen.

Enclosure & Customisation

The QC45 has high quality and robust enclosure with corrosion protection, equivalent to stainless steel, to ensure extended equipment lifetime. It’s also possible to personalize it with custom graphics, logos and colors to have the overall look of your brand.

Features & Benefits

  • 0% to 80% of charge in less than 30 min
  • CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2 compliant
  • DC and AC simultaneous chargin
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency > 93%
  • High power factor 0.98

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