ChargeN’Go is a Leading Provider of EV Charging Services

Whether you own, operate or manage a Parking Facility, Residential Apartment, Condominium, are a Fleet Manager, Property Developer, OEM, Government Department or any industry segment our team will help you create an EV ready program that drives your business into the future.

Host and Monetize a Station

Provide Electric Vehicle charging services for your tenants, customers or staff.

Hosting a charge station brings many benefits to your business and premises.

With millions of electric cars predicted to be on Malaysian roads in the next decade, now is the time to join other innovative organisations leading the way.

Whether you’re a retailer, council, developer, property manager, fleet operator or any other site owner, installing EV charging stations will attract and retain people to your premises.

Installing and managing charging stations doesn’t need to be complex or confusing.

We make charging easy and will guide you through every step, from site selection, charger location, installation to pricing, monitoring and maintenance.

Private Charging 

GO Private – The ideal way to charge your car!

EV Owners enjoy the exclusive use and convenience of charging at their own personal parking lot. Avoiding the hassle of having to wait to charge their electric vehicles and the inconvenience of having to re-park their cars after the charging session is finished.

Go Private – Private Charge Package

    • Fully Managed Private Charging
    • Start charge sessions via the Mobile App or RFID card.
    • Installation and commissioning included.
    • Discount on the purchase of any Charge N Go chargers.
    • Ongoing Support and Maintenance by Charge N Go.
    • All products have a minimum 2 year warranty.
    • Contract period: 3 years.
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Shared Charging 

GO Shared – The Cost Effective Solution

Flexible package for property managers and owners. No upfront investment is required.
Charge N Go fully manages all aspects of EV Charger experience and ongoing maintenance.

Go Shared Charging Services

    • Fully Manage Shared Charging.
    • Users start session via the mobile app or RFID card.
    • Chargers and infrastructure provided by Charge N Go.
    • Installation and commissioning included.
    • Ongoing Support and Maintenance by Charge N Go.
    • Contract period: 3 years.
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Managed Charging 

GO Managed – Professionally Managed

Building Management invests in the Charging Infrastructure and provides professional charging services to building residents and visitors via CNG fully management services.

Professionally Managed Charging Services

    • Simple Monthly fee for the charger management services.

    • Building Management able to determine the ROI.

    • Users purchase prepaid credit via the Charge N Go mobile app.

    • Electricity cost are rebated to Building Management.

    • Charger and infrastructure costs are borne by Building.

    • Technical Support by Charge N Go. (Optional Maintenance Contract) 

    • Contract period: 1 year.
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EVNet Management Platform

Our powerful yet reliable cloud based EV Chargepoint Management Platform. A complete yet flexible modular system than can manage 10s of thousands of chargers and millions of users!

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Main Features include

    • The of creation Private & Public Networks
    • Real-time view of EV station Location, Status, kW usage, hours, pricing.
    • Mobile and map integration,
    • Create bespoke pricing structures and plans for individuals and/or groups,
    • Streamlined payment processing for drivers
    • Integrated billing, collections and reporting
    • eRoaming (Connected Networks, direct or Hubject)
    • Full Time Network Monitoring
    • Remote Charger Management, Optimisation and Firmware updates.
    • Full user management
    • Full history of charge session details, capture and revision

EV Charging Solutions

We provide bespoke EV Charging solutions tailored to your particular business requirements.

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